The Canute Group provide a range of logistics services helping retailers achieve the very best in reliable , cost efficient and innovative delivery services. Through night, Direct to storeroom, shelf replenishment, waste recycling are just a few of the services offered within this sector.

We have developed solutions and services which have to match your challenges and the expectations of the high street. These include:

  • Through night services
  • Stock placement and Putaway
  • Cage and tote box operations
  • Stock room replenishment
  • Seasonal demand planning
  • Returns management
  • Stock transfers
  • Dynamic and scheduled services

Ensuring stock is replenished and available in good time to optimise sales opportunities is a core competence of Canute’s retail division.  Our fleet maintains the ability to offer retail customers 24 hours 7 days a week services which optimise delivery windows.

Our retail clients include:

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