About the Canute Group

The Canute Group is a global solutions provider with four industry leading divisions; Canute Logistics, Canute Medical, and Canute Engineering. Our first class services are always personal, whether we’re working with local or global clients. These solutions contribute immense value for a wide range of clients operating in the engineering, retail, construction, healthcare, horticulture and manufacturing sectors.

Our present

The Canute Group is a global solutions provider with a turnover in excess of £ 100 million. Our divisions offer a range of industry leading services from medical equipment auctions to specialist vehicle recovery and complex supply chain solutions.

The Canute Group is privately-owned with a flat organisational structure and culture based on ‘delighting the client’, forming the basis of our continued success. With no external shareholders to influence business practice or strategic objectives, the Canute Group places the client first and seeks to build long-term relationships with customers based on effective communication and collaboration.

In recent years, The Canute Group has been highly successful in developing the business by offering distinctive solutions which offer a balance between service and cost. Innovation is at the centre of every solution. Our cost down initiatives and a balanced approach to fixed and variable charging allows the Canute Group to stand out from its competitors.

Our past

Although the Canute Group began as a logistics specialist, over time we have expanded to become a global solutions provider.

The Canute Group was established in 1977. By 1979, we had won our first significant building materials contract and progressed from a regional to a national contractor. Canute then moved into retail distribution by winning our first major dedicated contract and began to diversify into new markets.

Canute Engineering was formed in 1995 following the acquisition of Albert Road Recovery, enabling Canute to develop a national roadside recovery network with mobile engineers and Commercial Vehicle Workshops.

Truck Crane Services was added to the group in 1999 with a view to creating a fleet engineering division with hydraulic repair and maintenance capability.

In 2000, our Gamston site was opened and the development of a national haulage network was completed when Ree Distribution was acquired in 2001.

By 2003, our total group fleet totalled over 1,000 vehicles and trailers.

The Canute Group entered the healthcare market in 2005, placing Canute on the global stage. Over the next two years, we aligned with strategic pan-European partners to strengthen our global supply chain management and solution service.

Establishing close client relationships has been the key to our success. We have therefore developed brand values and a business strategy that enables us to build upon these relationships in the future.

Our future

The Canute Group’s breadth of knowledge across a diverse range of industries and the pursuit of developing market-specific, value added services forms the basis of Canute’s ‘can do’ approach to business. They are the key enablers for our future growth.

The future of The Canute Group is therefore based on the expansion of services in existing markets and the development of further services in new markets. Vital to the future prosperity of our company are our relationships with our clients. By being innovative and flexible when working in partnership with clients, we aim to strengthen their competitiveness. This will create long term relationships and ultimately our clients will become advocates of the Canute Group, helping us to further grow and increase our competitiveness.

Through organic growth and further strategic investments, Over the next three years Canute Group are forecast to increase the company annual revenues beyond £130 million and position ourselves in the UK’s Top 20 supply chain service providers.